Fire Danger Season (FDS) starts in November and ends in April. Dates for the current FDS are available on the Yorke Peninsula Council website here. For current information please call the CFS Fire Ban hotline on 1300 362 361 or refer to the CFS website here

Staying safe

Be aware of potential dangers and take care of yourself:

  • Plan carefully and make sure your camping equipment is in good working order before leaving home

  • Read signs and brochures carefully - pay attention to any safety warnings

  • Supervise your children, especially near water and fireplaces

  • Be safe around camp fires - extinguish fires whenever you leave your camp site unattended; use water, not sand which retains heat and can cause severe burns

  • Bring your own water, and don't assume on-site water is safe to drink

  • Keep food in locked containers or in your car to keep it safe from wildlife

  • Wear protective clothing to avoid sunburn, bites, scratches and stings

Camping Manners

These are just a few of the top camping rules and I'm sure there are many more.  Generally the idea is just use your common sense, and you will have a fantastic experience on your camping trip.  And most of all, your fellow campers will thank you for it!

  • Generators - most people go camping to enjoy the peace and quiet and may not appreciate a noisy generator - of course if you need to run a generator throughout the night for medical reasons, try to camp away from others to minimise disruption

  • Avoid walking through other people's campsites - ensure you and your children walk around the areas being used by other campers

  • Leave no trace of your visit – don't spoil it for the next visitor!

  • Take your rubbish with you, don't throw anything in the fire that won't completely burn away and leave the campsite spotless - or risk receiving a $315.00 expiation notice for littering from Council's Ranger

  • If you're an early riser - be mindful that other campers won't want to be woken by your noise

  • Where pets are allowed, make sure they are under control - in most cases that means keeping them on a leash - and please pick up any droppings

  • Sound travels at night and many campers retire early - be respectful of such campers, and ensure your partying does not affect others

  • Be friendly to everyone you come across – share a drink, or a friendly word, but don't become an unwanted guest who hangs around and doesn't know when it's time to return to their own campsite

  • If a campsite has facilities, please leave them clean and tidy

Minimal Impact

Please help care for the environment by following these simple rules:

  • Help to prevent the spread of weeds and pests - check your vehicle, camping equipment and clothing to ensure they are contaminant free 

  • Help reduce the risk of bush fires and burn injuries by using a fuel or gas stove for cooking

  • Only light fires where and when they are permitted and use the fireplaces and fire rings provided

  • Never collect firewood or kindling from the area - even dead branches are protected as they provide a home for our native animals and birds

  • Remember, plants and animals are protected so try not to trample plants when walking or setting up your tent - use your poles, not trees, to support tent ropes and lines

  • Bring a portable toilet if you are camping in areas without facilities and empty the waste into special portable toilet disposal facilities

  • NEVER empty portable toilet waste into standard toilets or onto the ground!

  • Take all rubbish home - disposing of rubbish in fireplaces is an offence

  • Enjoy the peace and be considerate of others



Visitor Information

Yorke Peninsula Council acknowledges the Narungga (traditionally spelled Nharangga) people, the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Yorke Peninsula and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.
Yorke Peninsula Visitor Information
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