InnesNP road-and-carsWe all know that getting out into the fresh air and reconnecting with nature is good for body and soul, whether it's playing with the kids at the local park or escaping for a couple of weeks back-to-nature camping in our national park.  It's perfect for renewing bonds with family and friends and can provide some much needed relaxation and serenity.

Yorke Peninsula is blessed with some amazing coastal environments and nature experiences. Innes National Park is the jewel in the crown, showcasing spectacular scenery and beautiful beaches.  You will also find some delightful little creatures such as the Western Pygmy Possum or the Tammar Wallaby.  

Our Peninsula is home to some rare species such as the western whip bird as well as a number of marine species that are only found in South Australian waters.  It's vital that these beguiling creatures are protected.

Our national and marine parks protect our natural heritage for future enjoyment. Tread lightly during your visit. Respect the natural and cultural heritage in our parks, so that others may enjoy them after you.

Stenhouse Bay Lookout TrailA few rules for enjoying a visit to our national park ...

*  leave your pets at home
*  leave the park as you found it and take your rubbish with you
*  observe fire restrictions
*  respect heritage and cultural sites
*  camp only in designated areas
*  walk and drive only on designated tracks or trails
*  do not feed or disturb animals, or remove native plants
*  be considerate of other park users


To find out more about our parks please follow the links below.

National Parks (NP)

These are areas considered of national significance due to wildlife, natural features of the land, or Aboriginal or European heritage.

Conservation Parks (CP)

These areas are protected for the purpose of conserving wildlife or the natural or historic features of the land.  

Yorke Peninsula also has three offshore conservation parks - Althorpe Islands, Goose Island and Troubridge Island.

Marine Parks (MP)

Areas set aside as Marine Parks preserve the biological diversity of the state's coastal, estuarine and marine environments while allowing ecologically sustainable use of the area's natural resources. 



Minalton-Fauna-park JodieAmesYorke Peninsula has some of the cutest critters you will find anywhere.  Visit one of our fauna parks such as the one at Minlaton, where you can see kangaroos, wallabies and emus living in harmony.  If you time it right, you might be fortunate enough to see baby emus.

Wombats and the cutest little pygmy possums can be found on our Peninsula.  These are some of our endangered species, and can be found in small pockets around the Peninsula.

colourful nudibranchOur marine parks are home to some pretty spectacular species as well.  If you enjoy diving, take a visit to Edithburgh Jetty and see how many different sea creatures you can find.  Of course you can see them as you walk along the beach as well.  Keep an eye out for the cheeky dolphins as they surf the waves.

There are many species of coastal birds, each with its particular diet and habitat preferences. Wharf areas provide roosting points for a number of different species, even the occasional kingfisher. Sheltered beaches with soft bottoms are feeding areas for herons and several waders. The more exposed, sandy beaches with shallow rock patches and mats of small mussels are the feeding grounds for other waders, while the sand banks provide resting areas for pelicans and a variety of gulls, terns and cormorants. Other species, such as penguins, ospreys and sea eagles are occasional visitors to the area. The inlet at Coobowie is a particularly good spot for birdwatching, or try the bird hide just out of Minlaton.  Find out more about Yorke Peninsula's birds, animals and sea creatures here.


Visitor Information

Yorke Peninsula Council acknowledges the Narungga (traditionally spelled Nharangga) people, the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Yorke Peninsula and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.
Yorke Peninsula Visitor Information
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