Some people enjoy camping with all the electronic comforts of home, such as fridges, microwaves and laptops, and these often require the use of a generator. Camping on Yorke Peninsula doesn't always mean leaving these luxuries behind as long as camping manners are observed.

Many visitors value our region as a haven of peace and quiet.  Given that generator noise can disturb other people's enjoyment of the area and disturb native wildlife, visitors are requested to consider alternatives such as solar panels, inverters or 'charging while driving'.

Of course, if you need to operate a generator for medical reasons, try to locate your camp site away from other campers to minimise noise disruption.

Generators can only be legally operated during the Fire Danger Season if: 

  • locate the generator in an area clear of fuels, dry grass or other combustible objects

  • ensure extension cords do not cross access tracks and are rated for external use

  • the space around the generator is cleared to a distance of four metres

  • a spark arrester is fitted and is in good working order

  • a person who is able to control the generator is present whenever the generator is in use

  • a shovel or rake and a portable water spray are at hand

  • never use the generator on days of local fire ban



Visitor Information

Yorke Peninsula Visitor Information 
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