bush camping with dogsDogs are permitted at Council's bush camping grounds but must be kept under effective control at all times.  If your dog doesn't respond well to humans or other dogs they may not be the best camping companion.  It may be kinder for the dog to be left at home.

The Dog and Cat Management Board was established in 1995 under the Dog and Cat Management Act. The Act states that your dog must be on a leash no more than 2 metres in length in all public places. Dogs must also be on a leash when walking along public roads and footpaths unless otherwise signposted. 

Dogs can be off-leash in all Yorke Peninsula Council bush camp grounds. However, if your dog is off leash it must be under 'effective control'.  This means the dog returns when you call and obeys voice commands.  Dogs that are not under effective control are considered to be wandering at large. If your dog is not under effective control you may receive an $210 fine.

Remember that as an owner, you are responsible for your dog at all times, and you will be asked to leave the camping areas if your dog exhibits bad behaviour or makes excessive noise. You must not leave your dog unattended at your campsite.  

Camping can be a fun adventure for the whole family, dogs included but you should take into consideration the following points:

*  Ensure you have a good quality leash that will withstand even an agitated dog as a new environment and other animals in the area may cause your dog to react uncharacteristically – the leash should not be longer than 2 metres in length

*  Always have your dog id-tagged in some way

*  Pick up and dispose of any dog droppings

*  Don't allow your dog to defecate in or near water

*  Be aware of what provokes an angry reaction from your dog and know how to deal with the situation

*  Keep your dog away from wildlife and other dogs

*  Don't let your dog annoy the other campers

*  Check your dog for ticks daily

*  Be sure to keep your dog warm in cold weather (especially dogs with short/thin fur)

*  Dogs get dehydrated just like humans, be sure to have plenty of water on hand for when they get thirsty

*  Taking a bed with you is a great way to make your dog comfortable while away. It always brings a sense of familiarity to the new surroundings

*  Make sure the dog doesn't make unreasonable noise, especially at night when others are trying to sleep

*  Your dog should be fully vaccinated before departing on your camping holiday because they may come into contact with unvaccinated animals

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