Camp fires

For many people, camp fires, and camp-fire cooking are a traditional part of the camping experience. Few simple pleasures equal sitting by a camp fire, basking in the warmth, toasting marshmallows and telling stories. When campfires are allowed, use already established fireplaces and bring your own clean-milled firewood. Please refrain from collecting deadwood or kindling from the campsite and roadsides.

For your safety and the safety of other visitors please follow the following advice:

  • Do not light or maintain a camp fire during a total fire ban, dry or windy days. 
  • To reduce fire risks, always check the weather conditions in your camping area before lighting a fire. 
  • Completely extinguish the fire before going to bed or leaving your camp site unattended. Use water, not sand which retains heat and can cause severe burns. Even a few glowing embers can start a bushfire.

Fire Danger Season (FDS) and Fire Bans

FDS starts in November and ends in April each year. Dates for the current FDS are available on the Yorke Peninsula Council website here. For current information, please call the CFS Fire Ban Hotline on 1300 362 361 or refer to the CFS website here.  

Can I have a campfire during the Fire Danger Season?

No. After the fires of November 2019, Yorke Peninsula Council made the decision to ban all ‘on ground’ fires during Fire Danger Season. Campfires are also banned in all national parks and forestry reserves during the Fire Danger Season.

  • All on-ground and in-ground fires are banned on Council Land during the Fire Danger Season – including in Bush Campgrounds.
  • Permission must be granted by Council to have a fire on Council land at any time. A Bush Camping Permit grants permission (as per the Terms and Conditions) to have a fire outside of Fire Danger Season only.
  • Above ground and off-ground fires (such as chimineas, fire drums, braziers) for the purpose of comfort or warmth are only allowed if a permit has been obtained – and no permit would be granted for this purpose during Fire Danger Season

Can I use an off-ground gas, electric or fuel barbecue/stove for cooking during the Fire Danger Season?

Yes, electric or gas or solid fuel (wood, beads, etc.) barbecues can be used providing:

  • The barbecue is clear of all flammable material to a distance of at least 4 metres; and
  • A person who is able to control the fire is present at the site of the fire until it is extinguished; and
  • An appropriate extinguisher is at hand; and
  • It is not forecast a Total Fire Ban day 

During FDS, cooking stoves, barbeques and other off-ground devices can only be used for cooking (not comfort) and must be extinguished once cooking is complete. If the fire is not for cooking or does not comply with the above rules, rangers may expiate ($473).

Visitor Information

Yorke Peninsula Council acknowledges the Narungga (traditionally spelled Nharangga) people, the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Yorke Peninsula and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.
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