Distance: 18.8km (4 hours 42 minutes)

Please note:

Just north of James Well there is a section where the trail enters a deep and sandy gully. Both walkers and cyclists may find this section difficult. An alternative route for cyclists (when travelling south from Ardrossan) is, when at Parara Road, to continue along Yorke Highway and enter the settlement of James Well via James Well Road.


In addition, a small section of trail approximately 1.5km south of Rogues Point and 3.5km north of Pine Point across Crown Land is yet to have a formed trail constructed. This section is planned for completion in the near future. The remainder of the section between Ardrossan and Pine Point remains accessible.  In order to complete this section, cyclists will need to divert to the Yorke Highway between Rogues Point and Pine Point.  Walkers may choose to continue along the trail between the two towns, however when the formed trail ceases will need to follow the fence line until the formed trail recommences. This unformed section is estimated to be 1.8 kilometres and does contain some gully crossings.


Although this section is one of the shorter ones, it allows time to visit the small villages along the way. Ardrossan to James Well is a distance of 8.1km (2 hours), from there to the neighbouring village of Rogues Point is 1.6km (25 minutes). The distance from Rogues Point to Pine Point is 9.1km and will take you about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Just past the Viterra silos and bunkers, cross the highway and climb to the top of the Arrium Lookout. This lookout provides a fantastic view of the town of Ardrossan and the Gulf. It also gives a great overview of the Viterra silos and bunkers, where much of the grain harvested in the surrounding area is stored until shipped from Port Giles, further south.  Take care when crossing the road, as the speed limit here is 100 kms.

Leaving the lookout and continuing along the marked trail, you will reach Parara Beach, a popular place for finding Blue Swimmer crabs. Have a look at the memorial found here. In December 2014, seven Sperm Whales were stranded at low tide, and the memorial has been dedicated to this event.

Continue along the marked trail, passing through James Well and Rogues Point. To the north of Pine Point there are deposits of a while clay material containing Kaolin, a substance used in the production of porcelain and bone china.

There is a shelter with seating and a small water tank located at Muloowurtie Point, just north of Pine Point.

Please refer to our Trail Notes for further information.

Walk the Yorke is a linear trail covering approximately 500kms, and all distances mentioned are one way unless otherwise indicated.

Visitor Information

Yorke Peninsula Council acknowledges the Narungga (traditionally spelled Nharangga) people, the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Yorke Peninsula and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.
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