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Gynburra Fishing Competition

Gynburra Fishing Competition

Date: 25 January

At The Foreshore The Foreshore

0438 800 486

The Narungga people are the traditional owners of Yorke Peninsula and Gynburra, also called Dusky Morowong, or butterfish, are their favourite fish! From middens discovered and from stories of their people, sea snails, periwinkles, abalone, razor fish, oysters, cockles, crabs, crayfish and the fleshy Gynburra were the main cuisine ... in fact a diet to be jealous of! To celebrate their history, join the annual Gynburra Fishing Competition, everyone is welcome to compete in sections of Open Men Biggest Fish, Open Men Most Fish, Under 18 Biggest Fish and Under 18 Most Fish, with prize money for each category. Fishers meeting at 7.10am - competition starts at 7.30am - official measure and count at 4pm.

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