Innes National Park is approximately 300km from Adelaide via Port Wakefield, Ardrossan and Marion Bay. Shepherds Hut is located at Shell Beach, on the Western side of the park approximately 20km from the park entrance.


Cancellation Policy

Terms and conditions Rates: All bookings require full payment at the time of booking. Fees and charges offered on the booking website are correct and applicable at the time of booking. Online bookings: Bookings can be made up to 12 months in advance. Length of a booking: The length of stay in any one campsite is limited to 5 days. Should you require successive bookings please contact our office during business hours Monday to Friday (08) 8854 3200. Check in and check out: Your campsite is available to you from 12 noon on the day of your arrival until 11am the day of departure. Site booking: Your booking is only for the site specified on your booking. Please ensure you carefully check your site number before setting up camp as you may be requested to move if you occupy the incorrect site. Disclaimer: The information enclosed on this website is accurate at the time of publishing but may at any time be altered. All reasonable efforts are made to ensure that photographs and descriptions provide an accurate impression of the accommodation offered however variations may occur. Cancellations for confirmed bookings: Cancellation requested at least five calendar days prior to the arrival date of a booking: •Eligible for a full refund (less an administrative fee for Desert Park Pass). Cancellations requested less than five calendar days prior to the arrival date of a booking: •Not eligible for a refund partial refund or credit (unless a park or campground has been closed by the Department for Environment and Water). Requests to edit confirmed bookings: Edit requests require a minimum of one business days’ notice prior to the arrival date of your booking. All edit requests must be submitted via email or by phone. The actioning of edit requests is at the discretion of the Department for Environment and Water. If an edit request results in a reduction of nights stayed the above cancellation policy applies. Rights for cancelation of confirmed bookings: The Department for Environment and Water has the right to terminate a confirmed booking if you: •Breach the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972 or National Parks and Wildlife Regulations 2016 •Breach the above stated terms and conditions •Cause annoyance or nuisance to others; or •Behave unacceptably (including drunken or uncontrolled behaviour offensive language malicious or negligent use of facilities theft or any other form of behaviour deemed inappropriate by DEW) Park closure due to fire danger: Parks and/or campsites may be closed or restricted due to fire danger (such as catastrophic fire danger day) or other fire management-related activities. These closures occur with little warning. It is advised that you check weather conditions before you arrive particularly during the Fire Danger Season and check the National Parks and Wildlife Service website www.parks.sa.gov.au or call the CFS Fire Bans Hotline 1300 362 361. Other park closures: We retain the right to close parks/and or campsites for management purposes or circumstances outside of our control such as and not limited to weather or other emergency reasons where we may be required to take action without notice. CONTACT If you have any issues please don’t hesitate to contact us via email DEW.innesnationalpark@sa.gov.au or by phone between 9am -5pm Monday to Friday (08) 8854 3200. Privacy statement Your privacy rights comply with the guidelines set out in the South Australian Government's Information Privacy Principles.