Camping is a fun activity when you are well prepared and take the right equipment.  It's a good idea to pack a gas or liquid fuel stove/barbecue, fuel and waterproof matches for camping trips.  Find out more about fuel stoves and campfires

Remember to pack the following items:

  • waterproof tent, poles and pegs

  • blade or screw-style pegs and malletGleesons Landing caravan

  • bags for rubbish and storage

  • drinking water

  • sufficient non-perishable food and other supplies

  • cooking utensils

  • sleeping bag and mat, swag or other bedding

  • suitable clothing and sturdy shoes

  • wet weather gear, such as a raincoat or waterproof jacket

  • insect repellent

  • hat and sunscreen

  • suitable first-aid kit

  • binoculars and camera

  • map and compass

  • torch for walking at night

  • broadcast radio (for weather forecasts) and spare batteries

  • two-way radio and/or satellite phone, plus extra fuel (if you intend camping in remote places)

Of coure the most important consideration is what to do about a toilet.  The simple answer is - bring a portable toilet if you are camping in an area without facilities and empty the waste into special portable toilet disposal facilities.  NEVER empty portable toilet waste into standard toilets or onto the ground!

If you are caught without a toilet available, bring a shovel, and dig a personal bush toilet.  Go for a walk far enough away from camp, dig a hole about a foot deep, do your business and dispose of your toilet paper into the hole. When done simply fill the hole and smack it with the shovel a few times to compact it and discourage wildlife from digging it up.

Another option is to buy a "bush toilet". It's a seat that comes with bio degradable bags which can be buried in the ground for those who prefer not to squat.


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