Fifteen things to do before you turn fifteen ....

1. Climb a treekids sandcastles on beach

2. Build a cubby house

3. Sleep under the stars

4. Invent a game that lasts three days

5. Cook on a campfire

6. Catch a wave

7. Play in the bush

8. Create some wild art

9. Visit a national park

10. Play in the rain

11. Catch a crab

12. Visit a farm

13. Build a sand castle city

14. Make a trail with sticks

15. Go on a nature walk at night


Beach Games


Split into two groups with a mixture of ages in each. Each group builds a big sandcastle about twenty metres apart. On each sandcastle a 'flag' (or beach towel) is flown. The aim is to stop the other team from stealing your team's flag and flying it at their own castle.


A bandana is tucked into the backs of clothes or swimsuits. In a confined area, the players must 'live' as long as possible without their bandanas being taken while trying to get other players' bandanas.


Draw a large circle in the sand and then smaller circles inside of it. Give each circle a points value. Collect some shells or stones and take turns throwing three 'darts' at the 'bulls eye', add up the points scored and write them in the sand.


Use a long stick, a broom handle or a tightly suspended rolled up towel as the limbo stick. Starting with it quite high, each players takes a turn to bend backwards to pass under the stick without touching it. After each person has had a try, the stick is gradually lowered with people who touch the stick or fall over 'out'. Keep lowering the stick until only the winner remains.

Beach cricketBEACH BOWLING

Dig some holes in the sand big enough to fit a tennis ball in, in the shape of a triangle. Stand back a few of metres and try to get a tennis ball in one of the holes.


One player sits with their back to the other players and describes a scene from their imagination. The other players have to draw the scene that they are describing in the sand – the one that is closest to the description wins.


Build a sandcastle fortress near the water's edge when the tide is on its way in and then protect it from flooding by the sea – build a dam, a moat or see what else you can come up with to protect your castle.


Build a big sand castle quite high and then each person takes a turn a digging out a handful of sand from the bottom until it collapses.


Collect some sea water in a large bowl. Place a small, plastic cup in the centre of the bowl (right way up), making sure the cup is not taller than the bowl, but is taller than the water line. Cover the bowl and cup tightly with plastic wrap and place a heavy rock or shell on top of the cup, on the plastic. After a few hours in the sun, the water will begin to evaporate, creating condensation on the plastic wrap and then filling the cup with fresh water while the salt is left behind.



Visitor Information

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